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Born in southern California and raised in Alaska, Selina Ray has more than 25 years of successful start up business building experience. She has been a Strategic Partner for a variety of companies throughout the US and abroad. Selina has been a successful Owner/Manger of the multi-national company Siberian Sea, Inc. and as Owner of her Personal/Business consulting practice.

Upon relocating to Los Angeles 14 years ago, she has continued utilizing her management, coordinating & organizational skills to help several entertainment-based businesses grow. This would include: Executive in Charge of Production at CAT III Entertainment, Production Coordinator for Aha! Entertainment, Office Manager/Coordinator at Absinthe Pictures, LLC and Research & Development at Mike Mathis Productions, Inc.- and now VP of So Cal Operations for ICM Resources, Inc. establishing herself as a resourceful and creative team builder. Selina sees her current work at ICM Resources, Inc. and their mission, as an ideal setting to contribute her talents to the community she calls home.

Selina has spent more than 20 years studying ancient traditions and learning from many of today's most recognizable teachers within the Spiritual community. Her personal intention is of self-awareness and personal responsibility. Assisting others on their personal journey has been a lifelong path. a

Selina 'Wayshower' - is dedicated to Raising consciousness through Social Media. Her blog, Our Global Community, is a spiritual and enlightening pursuit to expand and reach the global community. Her blog fosters the exchange of ideas and musings on raising our consciousness through social media, and it is considered a forum of discovery.

You can find Selina on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


• Advanced Neuro Dynamics•Kona, HI •Certification
Successfully completed a two-year training program in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Business communications and negotiations. Certified as a Master Practitioner in N.L.P. & Hypnotherapy

• Ford Institute of Integrative Coaching•La Jolla, CA•Certification
Successfully completed yearlong Intensive training in Coaching, for both businesses and individuals, with an emphasis in goal setting, empowering clients moving through transitions in their careers and daily lives.

Namasté Loveॐ